Adam A. Moring A.I.A., principal and owner, is a graduate of Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island with a nationally accredited degree in Architecture with studies in structural and civil engineering. Mr. Moring is a registered Architect and has also worked in the field of construction and is a member of A.I.A., B.S.A., NCARB, and L.E.E.D. AP accredited.

Strong design skills, combined with vast construction knowledge, team management expertise, and impeccable client service, make AAM Architecture & Design stand out from the others. AAM will quarterback your project from the site and building planning stage, through complicated approvals, permitting, construction, and everything in between. We will work with your builder or help you choose one from our team of experts.

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Adam A. Moring A.I.A. "team effort"
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Massachusetts Registered Architect 

A.I.A. (American Institute of Architects)

B.S.A. (Boston Society of Architects)

N.C.A.R.B. (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards)

LEED AP accredited (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design- U.S. Green Building Council)

Specialties and design process

Site planning 

AAM specializes in design of both the site and the building which together form a seamless design. Starting a project requires careful site planning to ensure the building, natural features, views, and landscape of the site work in harmony.  In addition to design, we work with site engineers and code officials to determine environmental and building regulations to establish the best options suited for your project.  

Waterfront and Flood Plain Designs
Many projects in the region, whether large or small, are located in areas which are designated as low to high flood hazards or are located in environmentally sensitive areas and must be properly designed by an architect. These projects require careful coordination with site engineers as well as the appropriate state/ local conservation, building, and zoning (ZBA) boards. AAM has worked on many such projects and has great experience in interpreting codes and factors affecting project development. This is a crucial element when beginning a project or even prior to purchasing a particular property for determining the feasibility and ground rules for developing a project.

Historic and Vernacular Architecture
Born and raised in Massachusetts and a long time Cape resident, Adam A. Moring has had a special interest in the vernacular architecture of New England and particularly Cape Cod and the Islands. Many of his projects are reminiscent of the 'Shingle Style' and contain elements of Nantucket architecture. Many projects regardless of style or size require local Historic board approval. With a careful eye for design and detail, AAM has successfully designed, presented, and obtained approvals from these Historic boards.  AAM will work with you to design a project which suits your style and preference.

With over 35 years of experience in residential and commercial design & construction, Adam A. Moring specializes in custom high-end residential home design as well as smaller projects such as additions and remodeling. AAM Architecture & Design is responsible for the structural engineering and detailing for your residential project. This is beneficial for coordination with building contractors and building departments. This is even more important given the regions stricter and evolving building and energy codes, including the high wind/ 'hurricane' codes which have been implemented in the region which require a registered architects' licensing. We also work closely with Structural Engineers for consulting on complex projects which require additional engineering.

'Green' Architecture
As architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright have done in the past, architects are trained to embrace the site of a project, respect nature, and embrace the positive attributes that the climate, sun, trees, natural features, and views bring to each project. This is the driving force in the real creation of green architecture and sustainability. Modern materials, technology, and innovative design solutions must combine to create a more earth-friendly, efficient means of construction and living. Often these things can be done economically and benefit the client for years to come while offering better design solutions. Adam A. Moring is a LEED AP accredited professional from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Past Experience
Mr. Moring has experience spanning over 35 years on custom residential and commercial projects in many states, including MA, NH, RI, VT, CT, NJ, PA, DE.  

He has past field experience working on the construction of building homes, which has emphasised his desire to design projects and prepare drawings which are detailed and clearly presented for the contractors.  

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Adam A. Moring of AAM Architecture & Design, Inc. strives to please the client and focuses on innovative designs, cost effective technical structures, special service, and good old fashion hard work. He started AAM Architecture & Design in 2009 specializing in residential and waterfront custom home design. 


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