Gunrock Beach- Hull, MA

This project located on a spectacular beach in Hull, MA, is an example of what can be designed when facing a challenging remodel. This beach house built at the turn of the century by the current owners family had been altered over the years by different owners. Many of these modifications did not do justice to the original style and character of the home. The new home was modified to take advantage of the breathtaking views, with redesigned interior spaces which were previously segmented, dark, and uninteresting. Structure was modified to create an open plan with great views.

The new design maintained the existing footprint and base structure. The redesign included reconfiguring the interior and utilizing porches, new doors & windows, and finish materials to create a more appealing home. The client wanted to restore the original traditional New England look with a more modern interior layout. The exterior architecture has a more vernacular feel in harmony with the neighboring houses in the area.
"BEFORE"- The photo below is the existing house before the proposed major remodel.
"AFTER"- The following is the completed remodel.
Additional "BEFORE" photos below
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